Why I Hate Photography. 

I hate photography when it reflects prejudices at large in the world such as a still enduring lack of gender parity and diversity in our culture.

Why is it that so few, if any, women above forty-fiveare considered seriously in influential photo agencies? 

I hate photography for its broken promises offered to its women students who so eagerly immerse themselves in its potential, making work that challenges but unable later to deliver the quality of work and compromise necessary to stay visible.

How will they be able to sustain their creativity in an increasingly conservative climate discouraging them from achieving, and the dispiriting demotions in academia or commerce once they take maternity leave? 

So many women show promise and talent yet so few can claim the time and space necessary to sustain their practice.

One of the solutions is for women to come together and form strong networks across cultures globally, sharing access to their methodologies and research beyond academia through social media.

Finally, there are embers kindling with

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