HOTSHOE:  To begin with, how did you make the photographs?

Anthony Carr: In terms of technique, I mostly use homemade pinhole cameras and film. The cameras are fashioned from old 35mm film canisters so they are nice and discreet which means [...]

Joe Faulkner recently spoke to photographer Laurent Kronental about his images of the powerful and ghostly landscapes of the Grands Ensembles in Paris. 

JF: How did you become interested in photography?

LK: My passion for the image [...]

Photofusion and Rockarchive have collaborated to create this timeline of portraits of David Bowie, Silhouettes and Shadows. From an innocent boy playing in front of a small crowd to the Starman we all know. Joe Faulkner spoke to the founder of Rockarchive, [...]

Graduate Tim Batten’s series Edgeland caught the eye of Hotshoe at the LCC Degree Show 2016, Timmy Reynolds spoke with Batten to find out more. 

Timmy Reynolds: How did you first become interested in photography?

Tim Batten: I spent [...]


Tulips, by Andrew Miksys, offers a fascinating insight into a country that borders both Putin’s Russia and the West. Joe Faulkner asks Miksys about his methodology and creative process behind Tulips.

JF: Do you think being born is the US [...]


Influenced by the aesthetic of New Topographics, Croatian photographer Bojan Mrđenović brings an interesting perspective to his work. Budućnost, which means “The Future”, is the name of a state-owned chain of department stores in Pakrac, Lipik [...]

As Derek Ridgers new book The Others published by Idea, begins to be slotted neatly into book shelves across the world, we caught up with the British photographer to find out more. 

Gregory Barker: How did you first become interested in photography. 

Derek [...]

Cosmology has been a keen interest of civilisations past and present, a practice that extends to times before recorded history. The ancient man most probably looked up at the skies and asked probing questions about space and our origins, a theme that [...]

Visual artist Lucia Pizzani (www.luciapizzani.com), the joint winner of the Hotshoe Photofusion Award 2014(www.photofusion.org/hotshoe-photofusion-award-2014) along with filmmaker David Jackson, currently has a solo exhibition titled A Garden for Beatrix showing [...]


Named after NASA's 'Near-Earth Object Program', Barry W Hughes' latest series 'NEOP' takes us on a challenging adventure through his often-sculptural investigations into the aesthetics of outer space. Rosie Gist spoke to Hughes [...]