The sunlight is soft, the boys are buff, the girls are blonde and nubile, the kids seem sweet and innocent. 

But spoons bend, blades are unsheathed, wedding cakes double as dildos, and gunge oozes from ordinary objects. 

Bare butts perch on picket spikes, heads are pressed against hard floors, nipples exude polymer, eyes cry gluey tears, and old men look wrinkled and weird.

Torbjorn Rodlund’s latest book, CONFABULATIONS, offers little jolts and insults to the apparently mundane and familiar. The surface aesthetic is clean, stylised and polished which together with the beige carpeting and suburban bland settings create a disconnect with the smutty innuendo, the latency of violence and the vaguely repulsive that thrums through the images.

The bare crotches and partially clothed young women are in the vernacular of domestic soft porn with the gloss of high-end commercial. The old men adopt possibly innocuous enough poses – a hand on a child’s

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