I find these rooms very calm. And that suits me.  That’s what I like most about the job - it’s calm. I don’t deal with the public directly, I deal with the people who do. And I prefer that. The public can be unpredictable. 

My job is very important, nonetheless. I guess you could call it logistics. But it’s sales really. I sell coffins – well not just coffins of course, but all the equipment and paraphernalia of the funeral director: coffin linings, urns, body bags, tubes for scattering ashes. And we can get supplies in for a Muslim or Hindi burial – anything you want really. As long as it’s legal.

Recently those basket-woven coffins have been very popular for green funerals. The company has bought up some woodland so the bereaved can return to the earth from whence they came. It’s a comforting thought for many. And for Funeral

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