Anne Erhard, recipient of this year’s LCC/Hotshoe Portfolio Award, describes staring out of a car window into dense red fir forests that lined the road along which she was travelling.

I noticed the strange patterns created by the bright trees and the slivers of dark air caught among them. Sometimes, the trunks appeared black instead, leaving only the gaps between them illuminated. I later discovered the same fluctuating interaction of opacity and transparency in the ancient legends of the world tree, a central axis supporting and connecting heaven and earth, solid ground and open sky. 

The passage evidences Erhard’s visual acuity, as well as the lucidity of her writing, which often operates in complementary relation to her photography. It also evidences the explicit ways in which her creative practice is underscored by research; in this instance, primordial myths of origin, relating to the symbol of the tree, considered as a

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