For more than twenty years, the photographer Hannah Starkey has been creating captivating images that poignantly centre upon the notion of the contemporary woman, and explore her presence and place in relationship to the world that surrounds her. In Starkey’s most recent show, held at Maureen Paley (London), she exhibited a series of works that specifically took inspiration from the idea of the “flâneuse”– a feminist alternative to the nineteenth-century tradition of the flâneur – presenting a distinctly new and intriguing interpretation of the “(wo)man of the crowd”.

AS: Aaron Schuman

HS: Hannah Starkey

AS: What first inspired you to take up photography?

HS: I found photography when I was fourteen years old, and it’s been a bit of a saviour for me, or certainly a good companion. At the time, I was struggling with a suspected minor brain hemorrhage that temporarily restricted my movement and speech. But I also think that it had more

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