Anyone who is familiar with the work of the photographer Gregory Crewdson will be aware of his predilection for mystery and his ability to depict a brief moment of pensive introspection. As though catching a glimpse of someone else’s life through their own memories, Crewdson’s pictures behave in peculiar ways on our own psyche. He is as well known for his moving cinematic scenes, as he is the high production values and physical labour that goes into producing them. Crewdson has just released his latest body of work, Cathedral of the Pines, a moving set of painterly photographs that seem to push back the tide of modernity with a contemplative stillness of almost religious proportions. 

Cathedral of the Pines was shot on location in Becket, Massachusetts, which is described by the artist as “barely a town, more like a hamlet. It’s mostly wilderness and about half an hour from

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