Esther Teichmann explores familial relationships, femininity, and the maternal body as not only a “landscape of desire” but also the location of home. 

MD: Melissa DeWitt

ET: Esther Teichmann

MD: In both Inheritors and in your exhibitions at Flowers Gallery in 2014 and the artist book Mondschwimmen for your museum show in Germany last summer, images are juxtaposed with fiction. What is it about the mixing of text and image that interests you? Are words and photographs equally effective tools of expression? 

ET: The juxtaposition of text and image, or the two in each other’s company in various ways, allows me to extend the language of one into the other, moving between the two modes of expression. My practice plays with slippages, such as moving between autobiography and fiction and between the still and moving image. This fragmented and layered but echoing form of storytelling across different modes of making has always been how I

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