For more than twenty years, the photographer Hannah Starkey has been creating captivating images that poignantly centre upon the notion of the contemporary woman, and explore her presence and place in relationship to the world that surrounds her. [...]


In a carefully crafted short essay entitled “Time’s Fossil”, first published in 1984, Daido Moriyama recounts chancing upon an old photograph on the wall of a little-visited provincial museum on the [...]

Esther Teichmann explores familial relationships, femininity, and the maternal body as not only a “landscape of desire” but also the location of home. 

MD: Melissa DeWitt

ET: Esther Teichmann

MD: In both Inheritors [...]

…Though nothing can bring back the hour

Of splendour in the grass, of glory in the flower… 

William Wordsworth quoted in Polaroids

Polaroids is a swan song. It captures the party years in Boston and New York’s gay and transsexual [...]

Images taken over forty years ago are reanimated in Bill Henson’s mysteriously beckoning new monograph – Particle Mist. 

Drawn from three series: Untitled 1974, Untitled 1975, with additional and previously unseen photographs from an [...]

Anyone who is familiar with the work of the photographer Gregory Crewdson will be aware of his predilection for mystery and his ability to depict a brief moment of pensive introspection. As though catching a glimpse of someone else’s life through [...]


It is not unusual to come across a photographic project lamenting the loss of a loved one or the absence of a lover. Photography’s inherent, and often overly sanctified relationship [...]