The latest project from renowned writer and curator David Campany is his most unusual to date. It is a history of dust. Or rather, a history of the last century told from the perspective of dust photographed. As his exhibition opens at Le Bal in Paris, and the experimental book of the project is published by MACK, Campany talks with Rose Radnitzky.

 Rose Radnitzky: Why dust?

David Campany: So many reasons. Dust is the enemy of the modern faith in cleanliness and systems. Dust is the inevitable evidence of the world’s attrition and decay. Nothing lasts forever. Every time I see dust that is what I find myself thinking. We make our way, we struggle to organise our short time here, trying to make it better, and that’s a noble thing. But let’s accept the irony that we come from dust and end in dust, and while we are here

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