As a critic I've always cast a broad net in determining those manifestations of photography to which I've turned my attention. I'm not pedagogically involved in the visual literacy movement per se, though I'd like to think that my work, involving as it does the close reading of photographs, impinges on that field. As a teacher, I've worked almost exclusively with post-secondary and adult-education students. As a lecturer, I've delivered conference talks to organisations of pre-K-12 photo teachers in the U.S. and Canada. ("Pre-K-12" serves as Stateside shorthand for early education through secondary school.) The well-received but quickly remaindered book I published in 1995,  HYPERLINK "" Looking at Photographs: Animals, a primer on reading photographs aimed at ages 8-12, is the closest I've come to a tutorial effort aimed at the pre-K-12 constituency.

However, I've concerned myself with photo education since beginning my work in the late 1960s. And

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