For Thomas Demand’s new book Blossom, he has collaborated with the American poet, writer and critic Ben Lerner. How did this come about? One gets the impression from the poem that runs throughout the book it is partly a recollection of a conversation between both men discussing the subject matter on which the book is based. That subject is a highly detailed and beautifully crafted recreation of a pink cherry blossom tree, which has had an autonomous life cycle all of its own, first appearing in Evan McGlinn’s photograph from 2013 of the Boston marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s widow. 

In this photograph Katherine Russell Tsarnaeva is in mid-step, awkwardly moving through a cluttered yard, her hands clutching at her coat and headscarf in a defensive manner, half concealing and half protecting. It’s clearly cold, only her face and hands are exposed surrounded by black clothing as a breeze creates some

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