In the late 1970s the renowned photographer, Tod Papageorge, regularly visited and photographed the legendary New York discothèque, Studio 54. By turning his attention away from its infamous celebrity culture and instead towards his own photographic instincts, Papageorge captured the club’s vibrancy, decadence, energy and glamour like no one else, both documenting the scene as it was and at the same time investing it with a poetic poignancy that continues to resonate today. Thirty-five years later, the work has finally been released – most recently in book form – as Studio 54 (published by STANLEY/BARKER), which was widely acknowledged as one of the best photobooks of 2014. 

TP: Tod Papageorge

AS: Aaron Schuman

AS: What first drew you to Studio 54? 

TP: The most common questions that people ask me about this work are, “Did you dream about photographing in Studio 54?” and “How did you get in?”

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