From 2012-2014, Alec Soth regularly assumed the disappearing role of the newspaper reporter whilst collaborating with writers, and travelling throughout the United States in search of stories for his self-published newspaper, The LBM Dispatch, as well as on assignment for The New York Times and other publications. In his latest monograph, Songbook, he collects together many of the resulting photographs, but strips them of their accompanying texts and specific contexts, presenting a broader and more lyrical portrait of the fragmentary nature of human interaction and community in the digital age, and of an America that fetishises independence yet still desperately longs to be united.

ASc – Aaron Schuman

ASo – Alec Soth

ASc: Firstly, so many of the images in Songbook were initially made whilst you were working with writers – did you yourself ever aspire to be a writer, or ever feel as though you are, in

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