There is a light that guides us throughout 700 Miles, a project by Argentine born, UK resident Seba Kurtis. No tourist when it comes to illegal immigration, Kurtis has experienced the difficult position first hand, as well as working with the subject in his large format photography for many years. Accustomed to the trails and trials of those who leave Latin America for Europe or the US, in 700 Miles he visits the notorious billion-dollar stretch of steel fencing signed into law by George W. Bush in 2006 and erected along the US-Mexico Border. 

2000 miles long, the Southern Border that joins New Mexico, California, Arizona and Texas is a leviathan of border control that incorporates 700 miles of concrete and steel pedestrian fencing to connect pre-existing highly populated gateways. Attention has naturally been focused on the more urban and populated areas, but this has also forced

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