There is something beautiful about the mindset of a cryptozoologist - to be so convinced of the existence of mythical beings that they can look at the dreary world around us, and find it overflowing with the evidence of something magical. 

In much the same way, photography has the unique ability to take cold hard facts, and through a kind of alchemy, transform them into something so much greater. 

You won’t find the photographer Michael Lundgren trekking through the mountains in search of Sasquatch, but you might find him in the desert, transforming what he discovers there into unknowable monuments. Gregory Barker recently caught up with the American photographer to find out if the two activities are really all that different. 

GB: Gregory Barker 

ML: Michael Lundgren

GB: What was it that drew you to the desert?

ML: Its immensity and the fact that things remain a long time in

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