Paul Schiek's photographs often show us the familiar hidden in plain sight. The charismatic young men in his series Dead Men Don’t Look Like Me are actually American prisoners. Schiek appropriated a collection of postwar era mug shots, re-photographing them in close-up while cropping any detail that might give away the men's identity. Cleansed of their sordid associations the pictures are by turns mysterious and seductive – and open to our interpretation. 

Paul Schiek spoke to Natasha Berger recently about history, mortality and just how much these men resemble him.

NB: Natasha Berger

PS: Paul Schiek

Natasha Berger: Tell me how the project came to take this form. I understand your friend Mike Brodie came across a cache of photographs on his travels.

Paul Schiek: Yes, Mike found those images back in 2007, in an abandoned prison in Georgia. He found a box and took as

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