Various tweaks to the firm's PEN EPL and EPM models, including the highly regarded 16-megapixel MOS of the OM-D EM5 (reviewed in issue 183) has meant the top of the range EP model, when announced, would likely see those features added and more. Indeed, the EP5, now that it's here (there was no EP4), has technically a better specification than the E-M5. Not only does it inherit the sensor but also the outstanding five-axis in body stabiliser while adding a new auto panning option. 

It also features Wi-Fi connectivity for image transfer and a new top 1/8000sec shutter speed, but a similar 9fps shooting option and flash sync suggests Olympus merely omitted a narrower slit in the curtains from the EM5. Nevertheless, it's inclusion is useful when shooting in bright light with “fast glass”, as is the new low sensitivity (ISO100 equivalent) option, though this is purely an extended setting without

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