Clare Strand is an eclectic artist drawing on a broad range of photographic lineages. From forensics to the spiritual, Strand gracefully intertwines the practical and the absurd, constantly questioning photography's declining evidential capacity.   Working primarily in black and white, Strand has also recently starting making abstract and three-dimensional works out of photographic paper. Influenced in part by Edwin Abbot's seminal 1884 science-fiction novella Flatland and the growing encroachment of computer based processes on analogue photography, these new works were presented for the first time last year at Paris Photo. Strand has been nominated for the 2013 Discovery Awards at the prestigious Les Rencontre D'Arles Photographie in France where she will also be launching her new book Skirts.

Lorenzo Durantini: I saw your work Skirts at your solo show Sleight at Brancolini Grimaldi in 2011. The prints were significantly smaller than the other work in the show and they

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