J Carrier is something of a nomad, having left his home in Washington D.C. photographing congressional hearings, press conferences and their ilk on Capitol Hill; he joined the Peace Corps in 2000 and made his way to South America. He then moved to Africa where he worked as an editorial photographer throughout the continent. Gradually shifting away from this work, he eventually found himself in Israel making the images that would come to form Elementary Calculus: a meandering series of sun bleached photographs of Israel’s migrant population, and the liminal spaces that they inhabit, which radiate a palpable sense of loss and longing for one’s home.

Gregory Barker: How did you find yourself photographing the migrants and refugees in Israel, and how did the title Elementary Calculus come about?

JC: In one sense it was actually quite simple, there was a payphone on the street where I lived in Jerusalem. I

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