Anne Sophie Merryman has inherited a remarkable collection of found postcards from her grandmother, Anne-Marie Merryman, which are reproduced in their entirety in a forthcoming publication by MACK entitled Mrs Merryman’s Collection, together with an illuminating preface from Anne Sophie.

Anne Sophie agreed to an interview with Hotshoe’s Sophie Anne Balhetchet about her grandmother’s collection and her decision to publish it.

 SAB :  It would have been wonderful to actually meet you in the flesh or at least to hear your voice, but I gather you are only able to answer via email. So alas, that must suffice!

You explain your grandmother did not actually receive any of these postcards but collected them "for the images". These include: a beheaded rabbit, a mound of earth, some skinned chickens with hand-tinted crests, an amorphous spongy form, a goat looking out over roof-tops, a metal pole with hook,

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