Who Shot the Book of Love?

“Sexual intercourse began in 1963 (which was rather late for me) -- Between the end of the Chatterley ban and the Beatles first LP.”

Philip Larkin, “Annus Mirabilis,” 1971

Naturally, this is something of an exaggeration, for without sex we wouldn’t be here today. However, the Pill transformed human relations and loosed a tidal wave of ramifications that bedevils American Republican presidential candidates, among others, to this very day.

The subject of love and lust among adults with none too perfect bodies may seem quaint in an age where anything sexual can be found at the touch of a few keystrokes on youporn.com and the like. Yet as anybody who has even a passing glance at X-Rated magazines or website knows, the images found are dominated by excessively beautiful, sculpturally-, I mean surgically-enhanced people doing extravagant things to one another,

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