Tsunami, Photographs, and Then – Munemasa Takahashi

Tsunami, Photographs, and Then

Munemasa Takahashi


2,600 JPY / 152pp

February 2014

ISBN 978-48-65410-12-9

“Why are people always taking photographs?” The opening line of Tsunami presents one of the most commonly asked questions by photographers and critics. The answer to this question was found for me at the end of this book; the attempt to preserve a memory, as we saw it, to return to over and over. Presented partly like a diary, Tsunami documents part of the Lost & Found Project that, along with many other things, set out to try and return photographs that were lost during the tragic event to their rightful owners. The book is a wonderful collection of the photographs themselves, images of the exhibition, interviews, even a “photo cleaning manual” that details how the project members tried to restore the pictures that washed up after the devastation. It is heartwarming to see the commitment that so many people have made to this project and preserving these lost images. The design brings together the rather eclectic collection of photographs and texts in an extremely harmonious way, making for one of the most content rich books I’ve seen in a long time. 

Reviewed by James Brown
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