Walker Evans: The Magazine Work – David Campany

Walker Evans: The Magazine Work

David Campany


€48 / 224pp

May 2014

ISBN 978-38-69302-59-1

Walker Evans is one of the most documented photographers of all time, with his work being heavily discussed in all forums of photography. In spite of this, as David Campany has noted, little has been said of his magazine work with the focus falling more often than not on books such as American Photographs and Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. Campany was determined to shift the discussion and set about collecting Evans’s magazine work. The resulting book is a fitting tribute to Evans’s less-known photographic practice. Opening with an essay by Campany, which highlights many of the key moments in Evans’s career especially his time at Fortune, the book then shifts into incredibly well presented plates of his magazine spreads. A great deal of attention has been paid here to reproduce the spreads at a size that allows the reader to make out the captions and accompanying text that Evans so often made a point of including with his published work.

Reviewed by James Brown
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