Veins – Anders Peterson and Jacob Aue Sobol

A sort of frantic, childlike curiosity binds Veins together; a collection of work by Scandinavian photographers Anders Peterson and Jacob Aue Sobol. The images are visceral and uninhibited; all cellulite and bristling hairs, pockmarks and pimples. Wet mouths kiss in near-biological close ups while an exploring infant’s podgy finger prods at a stretch-marked, pregnant stomach – all rendered in the photographers’ trademark, hyper-real, high-contrast black and white. The photographs emanate a sense of trying to capture the spirit of human experience, squeezing the essence out of life like Aue Sobol’s image of a pet cat bulging out of a struggling embrace. It would be easy for this book to become an unintelligible mess – Veins combines pictures from disparate projects, with each photographer’s work occupying a separate half of the book – however, luckily for us it’s masterfully edited with just enough continuity in aesthetics and sentiment to bring a hectic jaunt of photographic sensuality together into one, congruous and highly enjoyable whole.

Dewi Lewis/ 160pp/ £28/ October 2013/ ISBN: 978-1907893452

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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