Trolleyology – Gigi Giannuzzi

Gigi Giannuzzi founded Trolley Books in 2001. He quickly became known, and loved, for his rampant support of individual photographers and their often under the radar stories. This book charts in detail, Trolley Book’s first decade as a publishing house, from its humble beginnings in London & Venice, to its now legendary, cult-like status. The book also pays homage to Gigi himself, who died of cancer on Christmas Eve 2012. It’s in reading the almost mythical stories about him from the who’s who of the photography and publishing world that the real pleasure of this book lies. Adam Bloomberg & Oliver Chanarin, whose first three books were published by Gigi and Trolley, described what it was like to work with the man: “… it wasn’t so much publishing really, it was more like giving birth, it was painful, it was messy and it was insane. But it was beautiful…”

Trolley Books

£35 / 464pp / June 2013

Reviewed by Matthew Oxley
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