The Salaryman Project – Bruno Quinquet

Bruno Quinquet embarked upon The Salaryman Project after the brief appearance of a suited businessman in the middle of a serene and silent forest in Japan. The experience of witnessing two conflicting aspects of Japanese culture colliding – its ubiquitous corporate scene and the traditional love of nature and the seasons – led him to begin exploring the possibility of a   “parallel world” somewhere in between. Quinquet was very aware of the French movement “droit a l’image” that aims to protect the rights of those photographed, and so obscured the faces of the Salarymen, meaning we only ever experience them through smoke or misted glass, flowers or reflections. In the accompanying texts, Kotaro Iizawa writes, “these men undergo metamorphosis and turn into fascinating and mysterious apparitions”. As such, his protagonists are distant characters, appearing and disappearing, becoming like mythical, wild creatures roaming their metropolis. Produced as a 2013 business agenda, the publication manages to stay on the right side of gimmicky, and is a wonderful object that embodies its contents entirely.  

Bruno Quinquet
The Salaryman Project
Self Published
£28 / 64pp / Oct 2012
ISBN: 9784990663506

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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