The Marshes – Josh Lustig & Samuel Wright

The Marshes are the wild side of Hackney, where overgrown weeds intertwine with railway tracks and fences, creating an expanse of deserted land. In The Marshes, Josh Lustig and Samuel Wright have joined forces for this collaborative fiction/photography project. Lustig's mysterious, barren images have an almost threatening affect when mixed with the alluring words provided by Wright. Published by independent publishing house Tartaruga Press, The Marshes, when given time to digest both creative minds that provide its content, is intriguing and provocative. It’s also a book with longevity; it can be returned to time and again, seemingly providing new content, be it via the words or images. 

Tartargua Press

£22 / 104pp / June 2013 

ISBN 9780957644601

Reviewed by Matthew Oxley
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