Tamako – Aya Takada

In Japan, abandoned ruins (known as haikyo) are common due to rapid industrialisation, and as a result, many Japanese photographers engage in haikyo photography as a means of exploring their surroundings. Aya Takada’s vision of haikyo is unique in that the images she presents remain personal whilst simultaneously lacking any real sentiment or collective nostalgia. In Tamako (or Lake Tama) she investigates the order and form of abandoned things, and an illustrated map at the end of the book details the area, giving the viewer just enough context. The publication is a small handmade object, with a sunshine yellow cover, which feels like something of a mock-up, a journal of ideas found unfinished. The book carries the same personal feel as some of her other publications, enabling readers to sense that the book is made by Takada, without ever seeing her signature at the end.

£25 / 20pp / November 2012

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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