South of Market – Janet Delaney

Crime is something that happens between winos and gays and Latino youths. It isn’t thought to be something that happens when speculators exploit a political situation and just move in and displace 5,000 people over ten years. That’s not crime, that’s business. Which makes headlines, and which makes profits?”  I’ll admit itall too often an alarm sets off in my mind whenever I encounter photography projects about the displacement of multiracial, working class communities authored by white, middle class artistsso it was a pleasant surprise to find Delaney’s monograph overcoming my cautious expectations. South of Market is an intimate portrait of a San Francisco neighbourhood at a juncture of economic change during the late 1970s and early 1980s, featuring a combination of sensitive, self-aware photographs and insightful interviews with local residents, which manage to prompt consideration on the contentious subject of urban gentrification in an open and unassuming way.

MACK/ 128pp/ £35/ November 2013 ISBN/ 978-1-907946-38-7

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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