She Dances On Jackson – Vanessa Winship

The repeatedly mined formula of the American road trip is given another lease of life in Vanessa Winship’s new book, She Dances on Jackson. After becoming the first woman to receive the Henri-Cartier Bresson award in 2011, the British photographer used her prize money to fund her proposed body of work over the next two years. Channelling her own personal grief over the death of her father, Winship shows us the beauty in the simple interactions that can take place between photographer and sitter, with a collection of quiet, contemplative portraits. Interspersed with these are melancholic landscapes and closely cropped details of plants, vegetation and more surreal scenes, such as the unfathomably dense jungle of pearl necklaces that enshrine the branches of a tree. The large format black and white photographs resonate with a peaceful serenity and whilst the accompanying text explains the literal origin of the title, it says more about the pleasure to be had from serendipitous encounters whilst retreating into the vast expanse of such a beguiling and incomprehensible country.

£35 / 144pp / May 2013 / MACK

ISBN: 9781907946363

Reviewed by James D. Clark
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