Scarti – Broomberg and Chanarin

“'Scarti di avviamento' is the technical term for the paper that is fed through the printing press to clean the drums of ink between print runs. This by-product is usually destroyed once the book is printed. But in this case the 'scarti' – Italian for scraps – were saved and safely stored away,”

Scarti is Broomberg and Chanarin’s personal tribute to the widely loved and sadly departed Trolley publisher, Gigi Giannuzzi. The publication gives a new, solid context to this collection of twice-printed, decade-old ephemera, produced during the printing of their seminal book Ghetto (their first collaboration with Giannuzzi documenting 12 contemporary “ghettos” including a South African prison and a Cuban mental asylum). The image combinations in Scarti are ghostly but purposeful, perhaps too striking to believe they’re really accidents –  like strange double exposures acting as an allegory for the transience of a friend’s life outlived by a legacy of artistic production.

Trolley Books/ 64pp/ £45/ December 2013/ ISBN: 978-1-907112-46-1

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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