Pikin Slee – Viviane Sassen

Pikin Slee

Viviane Sassen


£30 / 144pp

April 2014

ISBN 978-37-91349-53-4

Viviane Sassen is quickly becoming one of the most prolific book making photographers, with Pikin Slee being her sixth book in four years. While she is most known for her unique style of fashion photography, her more fine-art orientated works are of equal merit, with Pikin Slee being no exception. Shot in the village Pikin Slee in Suriname, the images continue Sassen’s process making the most unusual of photographs from Africa. The formal qualities of Sassen’s trademark style are still prominent in the book, with the composition of her images remaining beautifully considered. Considering her previous work made so much use of colour, it is interesting to see Sassen’s transition into using mostly black and white. The sculptural qualities of her images are certainly enhanced by the lack of colour, which makes the odd splash of it more interesting. While the location of the project is clearly dear to Sassen, I found myself not so much connected with the life of the village, but instead, with the beauty of the images.

Reviewed by James Brown
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