Pigs Disco – Stuart Griffiths

Opening up Pigs Disco to the black & white, disorientating, spiralled circle that greets you on the inside cover will give you a good idea of the content Stuart Griffiths is attempting to represent. At the age of 16, the now 41-year-old photographer, writer and lecturer was posted to Northern Ireland with the Parachute Regiment. The images and text in this book, published by Ditto Press, serve as an almost diary-like look back at his time spent with the Regiment. Drinking, drugs, guns and sex fill the pages. His words and images, both equal in their raw honesty, provide us with a candid and unparalleled look at the life of a young solider in Northern Ireland. 

Ditto Press

£20 / 84pp / Jul 2013

ISBN: 9780956795250 

Reviewed by Matthew Oxley
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