Pictures from the Real World – David Moore

Whilst nothing more than coincidental, the timing of the release of Pictures from the Real World is certainly inescapable. Documenting two Thatcher years between 1987-88, David Moore takes us with him as he knocks on Derby council estate doors and slips into the background of working class homes. It is here, peering round corners or craning up from the floor that he captured chaotic, bristling scenes of daily family life. The fact that there was any delay at all in publishing these photographs is somewhat surprising given their striking intensity. Inevitable parallels can be drawn between then and now, and whilst we may look back at the garish décor with a wry smirk, we do so in the knowledge that it is evidence of a collective consumerist dream turned sour. The weight of time now pitches sobering questions – has much really changed for those who are still in the shadowy belly of the British underclass 25 years on?

£15 / 32pp / Apr 2013 / HERE Press + Dewi Lewis 

ISBN 9781907893339

Reviewed by James D. Clark
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