Mädchen – Diana Scherer


Diana Scherer

Van Zoetendaal Publishers

€35 / 32pp


ISBN 978-90-72532-23-7

A girl lies, face down, on the floor of a domesticated space. It appears as though she is dead. We turn the page and she is sat upright, though we are still unable to see her face. It is difficult to immediately grasp Scherer’s intentions with Mädchen; does she want us to take the place of the child, without identity, hiding in the carpet, or are we the adult who looks down on the child, perhaps forcing them to bury their heads? Very little is given away in terms of motives for creating this work, yet the photographs bring to mind the classifying of insects as they lay pinned down on card. I was initially not sure what to make of this book, struggling to find coherence between the photographs. The images of the faceless girl seem to fluctuate between being unsettling and being somewhat tender. The design of the book is wonderful, with each spread having the perfect balance, and nice tactility to the object as well.

Reviewed by James Brown
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