Los Restos de la Revolucion – Kevin Kunishi

Los Restos de la Revolucion investigates the lasting impact of the civil war in the 1980s on the landscape and people of Nicaragua in the years that followed. In the wake of overthrowing a dictator, Nicaragua became the battleground of conflicting ideologies. The descriptive text sits at the back of the book, so as to let readers make their own sense of the nebulous flow of images. Fragmented artifacts and scenes begin to hint at a weighty past, and the presence of history can be felt increasingly with each page. In a recent interview Kunishi said, “I was captivated by the thick mists… I had been warned that a turbulent past and a pensive future lurked behind that ethereal haze.” Each portrait is charged with the ubiquitous power of memory, expression and all too often, pain.

£23 / 80 pp / Oct 2012 / Daylight
ISBN: 9780983231622

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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