Linger – Daisuke Yokota


Daisuke Yokota

Akina Books

£28 / 64pp

May 2014


It goes perhaps without saying that Daisuke Yokota is one of the hottest names in contemporary photography right now. After bursting onto the scene in Japan, his prominence has now shifted to the West, and with it a new book published by London-based Akina Books. As an object, the book is something quite precious. Bound in the traditional Japanese stab style with a textured paper-stock cover and off-white pages inside, the book feels as if it has been made at home, which is quite fitting given the bedroom-based processes that Yokota uses to create his work. Making use of the nude, the overall feel from the images is something quite sinister; faces are excluded, limbs cut across sparse residential spaces. There are aspects of eroticism in Yokota’s images that place us in the realm of the voyeur, yet this is accompanied by a slightly perturbed feeling, most likely instilled by the haunting deterioration of the images. The book comes full circle in the end, with the lead image repeated as the last, leaving the photographs encased in a rather off-kilter world.

Reviewed by James Brown
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