Le Crowbar – Tom Hunter

“Don’t let schooling interfere with your education.” – a Mark Twain maxim obviously shared by Tom Hunter. While studying photography at the London College of Printing, Hunter missed the historically pivotal “rave of a lifetime” while writing essays – only to be lectured about it by one of his ancient tutors in class! After this horrifying experience, he vowed never to let such a thing ever happen again; promising to experience life in the flesh rather than the textbooks. He bought the eponymous old double decker bus Le Crowbar and set off on the road with some friends, touring all manner of beach parties, hippie folk festivals and “teknivals” across Europe, taking snapshots of his adventures along the way. 20 years later, these images are collected together in a beautifully printed book by Here Press - the passage of time transforming them into an archive of the European nomadic rave scene’s dilated pupils.

Here Press/ 96pp/ £30/ December 2013/ ISBN: 978-0-9574724-5-7

Reviewed by Holly Lucas
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