HITS – WassinkLundgren

Embodying the duality of WassinkLundgren’s collaborative partnership, the double meaning of the title HITSrefers most obviously to internet “hits”, but also to the fact that the book is an overview of their work to date, and therefore a sort of visual “best-of”. Often letting chance shape the trajectory of each project, and having previously created work that questions who the “author” of the photograph is, it seems delightfully apt that the playful pair would relinquish control of their expansive portfolio to the infinite prism of the internet search engine. Living between London and Beijing, and often seeing each other only through a computer screen, their partnership has become a largely digital one and this has filtered into their work. Inside this tiny publication, the extensive collection of google hits – alongside a number of articles and reviews discussing their practice – wonderfully represents the serendipitous mechanics of this ongoing working relationship. 

£14 / 190 pp / Dec 2012
ISBN: 9789490119188

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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