Finds 2 – Harry Watts

In his seminal work Nausea, Jean Paul Sartre wrote, “I tried to pick up a piece of paper lying on the ground and didn't succeed. That's all, and it isn't even an event…but, to tell the whole truth, it made a profound impression on me.” There is a photograph at the heart of Harry Watts’s Finds 2 of a piece of paper, screwed up and thrown to the curb. On first glance, it reminds me of a dead dove. Objects, Sartre told us, ought not to touch us, but it is here in this work I find they do. Everything reminds me of something else; the piece of paper becomes a dead dove, a splatter of paint across the pavement becomes nebulae, a black hole, the stars. If Watts’s original Finds was about impermanence and ephemeral sculpture, then Finds 2 could also be seen as a project that chronicles the life of objects. For Watts the aim is clear: there is life out there in the street; capture it before it’s disturbed by a gust of wind or overturned by passing traffic. 

Harry Watts
Finds 2
Self Published 
Free / 28pp / Oct 2012

Reviewed by Joanna Cresswell
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