The Image as Question

Ahead of The Image as Question at Michael Hoppen Gallery, the gallerist himself talks us through a selection of images from the exhibition. In the days leading up to the opening on the 28th of September, we’ll hear about one piece and why it made the final show. 

A pair of American Police identity line-up photographs, 1/5/1933 (with and without hats) - Anon. Courtesy of Michael Hoppen Gallery.

A fine and unique group of police line-up photographs. A scene often played out in films and in real life, identity line-ups allowed victims or witnesses to point to the perpetrator. Photographs were made before one way mirrors became the norm to avoid the victim being intimidated or also identified by the criminal.

The cross dressed man is a very unusual example. I have spent hours guessing who is the guilty party in this line-up. We collected a group of these original documents. My guess is the man on the far right - although I can’t prove it!

— Michael Hoppen