The Alisa Gallery Presents, Club Photos: London X Paris at the Dog Eared Gallery

After being a curator at XOYO for a year and a half Alisa Phommahaxay went on to become a freelance curator and began to develop her own website, The Alisa Gallery, to promote emerging artists in London and Pairs.

After living in France and now based in London, Alisa has gone on to create her first exhibition from the online gallery. Club Photos: London X Paris consists of photographers from both cities that got together and were given a theme, to create work around the subject of Clubbing.  

The exhibition won’t consist of your generic nightclub photographs however, but will testify as signs and expressions of a story about transient times in our society, to capture the energy and essence of the subject within a nightclub. 

Taking inspiration from Nan Goldin and Wolfgang Tillman’s “Portrait of a Generation” the photographs depict a variety of different personalities styles and attitudes showing a mad desire of freedom and loosing themselves in the moment. The photographers aimed to find beauty within this ordinary setting and allow an aesthetic to emerge within the spontaneity. 

In 2014, Alisa is hoping to put on another exhibition in Laos with an exchange between French and Laotian artists at the French Embassy.  

Exhibition Dates 

From the 17th of October till the 17th of November 

Opening Night 

Thursday 17th of October 6-9pm 

Address: 28 Field St, London, UK WC1X 9DA

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1 Holly Falconer, Twat Boutique, January 2010

2 Yann Morrison, Gorge Profonde, 3 Février 2012

3 Hannibal Volkoff, Sans Titre #1, 2011


— Loren Stuart