Work Space 2 (The Armory): Elizabeth Moran

Work Space 2 (The Armory) documents the film sets of San Francisco's internet pornography producers Elizabeth Moran photographs lulls between filming sessions, devoid of people, the empty sets cast an uncanny familiarity, whilst simultaneously appearing strange and foreign. Photographing with an authorial distance, Elizabeth Moran establishes that the reason for these sets is porn. Sets which are a direct result of what is demanded, Moran's images become a document of changing sexual trends, the consumption and manufacture of sexual niches catered for by the eager to please porn industry. who specialise in BDSM have filled the Armory with custom built porn sets. One of the largest adult production studios in the world, the Armory has a diverse background, historically used as a stronghold for the National Guard, and then as a boxing ring for prize fighting in the 1920's, even scenes from the Star Wars movie were filmed there, hence the spaceship-interior set now being used as a site for overly enthusiastic copulation. 

Moran's images of meat lockers and suburban kitchens, bizarre in their formation, lay empty, waiting to be animated by porn stars and eroticism. Decadent rooms where narratives unfold are haunted by memorabilia of the sex industry, the over hanging shadows of film equipment, hand pump dispensers of lubricant and rails of fetish clothing act as constant reminders to the nature of these manufactured sets. Alluding to sexual activity, imagined acts that are never presented, Elizabeth Moran's empty sets lay dormant, patiently waiting the illicit desires of their manufacturers.

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— Sophia Wise