Imaginary Landscape No.1: Hannah Whitaker

Hannah Whitaker’s first publication ‘Imaginary Landscape No.1’ presents a series of photographs that are part of a persistent exploration of John Cage’s compositional techniques.  In 1939, the American composer and experimental musician; composed a piece of the same name (Imaginary Landscape No.1) with two variable-speed turntables, frequency recordings, muted piano, and cymbal. Whitaker’s work borrows the phrase-length structure of Cage’s composition, and through the use light leaks Whitaker attributed numerical values to each of her photographs. The artist took the original structural principle of the composition and applied it to the organization of the photographs, as if reading the piece of music Cage composed through the photographs.

As well as the artist’s work being somewhat ingenious and unique, Whitaker’s photographs depict very ordinary landscapes but with the use of the light leakage they become fantastical and atmospheric. 

— Giulia Greco