Henrik Purienne

The images that form Henrik Purienne’s debut monograph - published by Prestel earlier this month - are part of a collection of "snapshots, portraits and out takes" from jobs between  LA, South of France and Cape Town over the past three years.  Most of these images were made with disposable cameras or  35mm. Purienne prefers the beauty of the untouched and  uncorrected, old school photographs were you can see the  scratches and the messiness of analogue photography and as he  explains “there are a lot of bad scans and misprints…but I like that”.  

Purienne’s work is indisputably sexy, provocative, and often controversial. The subjects of his photographs exude a sexuality that is as nostalgic as it is au courant, but also lends a feeling of innocent to the pictures, through the models expressions.  

Purienne always seems to have his camera pointed away from real life and toward a fantasy of beautiful girls with nothing on their minds but having fun. Henrik Purienne’s photographs offer high-fashion escapism this is truly stunning. Viewers will appreciate Purienne’s skilled staging and composition, the ingenious use of light, and impeccable styling. These are all the skills that have made him one of today’s most sought-after fashion photographers.  

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— Giulia Greco