As Water Returns to the Sea: Alex Catt

A recent graduate of Brighton University, Alex Catt’s series As Water Returns to the Sea, is a conclusion of his time spent at La Fragua Artist Residency in Belalcazar, northern Spain late 2012. 

The solitary journey is integral to Catt’s work, the process of the journey and the isolation that a journey often presents is evident in this series. A deliberate aesthetic combination of colour and black & white photographs, “As water returns to the sea” stemmed from one specific journey. As Catt explains himself;

“I remember driving out of the Pyrenees into northern Spain sometime in September, I was completely taken aback by the lack of water in any of the rivers. Everything was so dry and desolate, the empty river beds stretching far into the distance. It seemed incomprehensible that in the Spring these big empty spaces would be roaring full of water from the melting mountain snow. I spent some time walking down these river beds and eventually found a big rock with a perfectly straight line naturally formed into it, it eventually lead me to think about things cyclically and the project ended up about the seemingly inevitable return to home.”

The project itself depicts these dry, barren landscapes that grasped Catt’s attention and inspired a mindset capable of producing such a controlled yet beautiful series. Reflective of this time spent alone, the images lack human presence. Instead surroundings flow, interrupted occasionally by momentary encounters, a dog stretches amongst the repeated inclusion of dead trees and rocks. 

A constant concept in photography, the idea of photographing a journey is seen with fresh eyes. Catt avoids photographing the traditional road trip through his consideration of minor details and compositional strength to create a lyrical narrative that has our full interest, like it did his. 

See more of Alex's work HERE 

— Joanna Crawford
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