The thing that stands in my mind so clearly about Mayumi Hosokura’s previous books is the pervading beauty of them, and the pleasure I felt with every turn of the page. Kazan and Transparency is the new mystery are undoubtedly two of the prettiest [...]


A luminous yellow haze hangs over a road; a purple hue distorts the colouration of a nude body. Momo Okabe’s photographs are kaleidoscopic, distorting our conceptions with every turn of the page. I’ve been assured her new book, Bible, [...]

For three consecutive summers, François Cavelier spent his days on the beaches of the resort town of Lacanau. An area that - at least in Caveliers eyes - holds no place for the aged.  

Over the course of his stay on the Bordeaux [...]

During what would come to be seen by some as the "Golden Age of Porn", when production values where high, and neither AIDS or Viagra had yet entered the popular consciousness, the American photographer Barbara Nitke, earned her paycheck as a stills [...]


It's that time of year again, when we all think back about our accomplishments and fallings, and fill the internet with lists of things we have liked or bought because we thought we should. As much as I protest, it is an enjoyable exercise, and one [...]


"Typology" is a word that, within a photographic context brings a slew of images to mind. The UK's favorite root vegetable however, is probably not among them. But it may very well be after you see Tim Smyth's new book Defective Carrots, published [...]

Who are these frightening creatures, wandering  along the verdant landscapes? And what are they scheming? In the remote countryside of Switzerland, they are referred as the “Ugly ones “. Estelle Hanania followed an unusual group [...]

Guapa-mente Issue 01, Ewen Spencer’s latest attempt to perforate Europe’s spirited youth culture, takes us to Naples and, through his staple aesthetic diet of the intimate and fleshy, we are let into a space of existence that is both perceptible [...]


Brett Van Ort’s new book, Minescape, is a chilling and deeply sobering take on the legacy of the Bosnian War. The figures surrounding what was once the most heavily mined area on earth are staggering. During the conflict, the total number [...]

For the 4th installment of our series on Oodee’s POV Female: Johannesburg we take a closer look at Lisa King's Ghanzi.

Born in Zimbabwe and based in Johannesburg King’s work regularly involves long term documentary projects. In her latest [...]